Case Study

Providence Deli

In their own words

Who are Providence Deli?

We believe that great food has great history. Our chilled dips, sauces, relishes and condiments are there to help you make yours.

Whether you cook something up for the family every day from scratch, or just need a quick and easy idea for a great tasting dish you can prepare in seconds.

Which challenges necessitated change?

I really wanted to produce a wider range of condiments to add to my portfolio but never seemed to find the time to do this. I decided to look at someone to do my fulfilment to allow me time to focuson developing more products that I could start selling.

There’s a lot of competition for people selling food condiments so coming up with new ideas is key to stand out to the competitors. I knew if I had time I could start on developing a larger range of quality food products to reach a bigger clientele and help boost sales.

I wanted to move goods to a fulfilment centre that cared about my predicament and are there to help and assist me all they can.

MCF came in to help me when I needed it most, As soon as they got all the details they needed, they didn’t mess around they stepped in to help.

“MCF find a solution to what is required by working with you.”

Adam Bass, Providence Deli


The solution

How did our team help implementation

It was important to find a fulfilment centre that packed my goods to the highest standard as most of the products we sell are in glass jars. MCF have managed shipping these fragile items out to great effect with minimal damages as they understood the impact it may have on profits margins. Customers receiving damaged goods means replacements or refunds areoffered so they pack the goods safely to prevent this from happening.

Providence Deli Harrisa Paste 1
Providence Deli Dips and Sauces

How have our solutions helped since implementation?

I understood that fragile goods are difficult to outsource as some fulfilment centres won’t even entertain this sort of product, as they are too scared of not getting it right. MCF took the product and have packed it with the care and the level of protection it needs to ensure customers get it on time and in one piece consistently.

“MCF have provided me with confidence that it was the right decision to use them.”

Adam Bass, Providence Deli

What impact have our solutions had on the growth of your business?

With the time I’ve gained from outsourcing to MCF I have managed to utilise it wisely. I have developed more food products and increased sales on the back of this. Some have been previous customers wanting to try out the new products other sales has been brand new customers who’ve never purchased from me before.

What plans do you have to use our solution in the future?

I want to continue to grow the portfolio of products and continue using MCF to fulfil these orders too. They have given me the confidence that outsourcing fragile goods can be done if it’s done right. I’m thinking of selling products on Amazon and I know they offer SFP so this may be something I consider in the future with them.

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