Case Study

Foxman Frames

In their own words

Why did you choose MCF?

I was looking for a fulfilment centre to outsource my orders to as I was doing it from home at first. MCF seemed to be the right fit for what I was looking for due to their competitive pricing and industry leading levels of service they we were offering.

Which challenges necessitated change?

Working from home was taking up too much of my time so outsourcing to MCF freed up time so I can spend more time on growing my business. I can look at new product developments as well as selling on other platforms and widen my horizons. It has also helped with my work life balance and give me more time to spend with my family.

Amazon prime is difficult to maintain the standards required by Amazon as

the orders must go out on same day. They also don’t allow many returns so this needs to be treated with special attention due to the strict requirements. MCF have managed to pass the trail with Amazon for this and they now complete my Amazon prime orders as well as my web orders.

” We work as a team to ensure things are being done on time”


The solution

How did our team help implementation

Having a proactive approach is good. If I need something changing or sorting out, then they can provide a solution for it I email them or pick up the phone to discuss it with them.

I had many different SKU’s across multiple channels and it was all very convoluted I never thought anybody would make sense of it, however MCF’s mapped all my SKU’s together and made easy work of it.


How have our solutions helped since implementation?

I wanted MCF to complete my Amazon Prime orders which I knew was a bit challenging due to the strict guidelines that need to followed. MCF passed the trial with Amazon and are maintaining these high standards each week for all prime orders.

I’m pleased with the sales – they’ve increased by up to 25% and the it gives me more time to look at growing my brand even further by looking into new markets and new product development.

” MCF passed the trail with Amazon and maintained high standard . “


What plans do you have to use MCF in the future?

I have planned to make MCF to continue to with taking care of my Amazon and website sales this includes SFP (Seller Fulfilled Prime) services which I can trust they are doing correctly and within the strict guideline set out by Amazon with getting this service right.

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